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While there are currently a staff of 25 dedicated professionals employed at Schuh Group, the company services are broadly broken into 3 key areas.

Cos Schuh - Director

  • Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ACA) 
  • Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) 
  • Taxation Institute of Australia member (TIA) 
  • Bachelor of Business, Accounting Major

While Cos initially founded the company as an accounting practice, and is a Chartered Accountant by trade, his role evolved and he now predominantly works as a small business consultant.

Cos acts on behalf of clients in all manner of business negotiations including business valuations and planning, tax strategies and due diligence.

Cos is particularly experienced in agricultural business requirements and many of his clients are situated in South East QLD and the Burnett region.

One of the most significant areas of growth within Schuh Group in recent years is in Property Syndicates.

This is a service that has been developed and offered to existing accounting clients of Schuh Group.

With 33 commercial properties (representing around $220 million dollars in capital), already under management, the company has appointed a property specialist to source appropriate properties to add to the portfolio.

And this division of the business will continue to go from strength to strength as clients experience the considerable financial benefits of being part of such a syndicate.

Cos has a vast wealth of experience dealing with organizations of all sizes, and people from all walks of life.

The fact that the company has grown to its current size and that the majority of clients have been with Schuh Group for many many years is testament to the level of trust clients place in Cos and his staff.

Dominique Schuh - Wealth Advisor

  • Bachelor of Business Management, Economics - UQ 
  • Bachelor of Arts, History & International Relations - UQ 
  • Advanced Diploma Financial Planning - FYG Planners 
  • Chartered Life PractitionerSelf Managed Super Funds Specialist Advisor - SPAA

Dominique Schuh runs the Wealth Advisor division of Schuh Group. Dominique started her career in the finance industry working for a Financial Planning firm in Brisbane before joining Schuh Group to develop this new range of services.

While admitting that it sounds "a little corny", Dominique truly enjoys helping her clients achieve their financial goals and getting great results for them, particularly during difficult economic times.

Alongside Financial Planning, Dominique is able to advise clients about Superannuation and help them to navigate the potentially hazardous waters of Self-Managed Super Funds.

Dominique advises her clients in the same way that she would advise family or friends; with their absolute best interests in mind.

Because she has been licensed through FYG Planners (which is an independent firm), Dominique is not obliged to promote any particular product to her clients, and can choose the products which she believes will serve their particular needs best.




Senior Accountant, Malcolm Diefenbach

  • Registered Tax Agent

Malcolm Diefenbach has been a long standing member of the Schuh Group team, based in Gympie. Now he will be bringing his experience and knowledge to the clients of the Mortimer & Co practice.

Mal's areas of speciality include Superannuation, Fringe Benefits Tax and general business and taxation advice. 

"I really enjoy helping clients provide for their families and retirement, and to be successful in their business endeavours. It has been incredibly rewarding to build strong working relationships with my long term clients, particularly when I am able to help them achieve their long term goals.

"Throughout my 33 year career I have built solid, relationships with my clients, & helped them to achieve their financial goals."


Senior Accountant, Peter Flemming

  • Qualified senior accountant with 25 years experience
  • Registered tax agent

Peter is a qualified senior accountant with 25 years experience in the accounting field. He is also a registered tax agent. With a strong rural background and extensive exposure to assisting small businesses, Peter brings a practical approach to taxation maters as they relate to commercial business situations.

Peter has a particular interest and expertise in Superannuation matters, and has had extensive exposure and experience in this field, which can be quite nuanced and complex.

Having completed the necessary educational requirement to be an ASIC registered advisor for Superannuation matters from July 1, 2016, Peter is able to assist you to understand and make well informed and compliant decisions in this area.

Recognising that the financial services industry is a "people industry" and that relationships are extremely important, Peter receives his greatest reward and drive from assisting clients achieve positive results from the advice that he is able to provide.

"It is deeply rewarding to develop business relationships to the degree where I almost feel that I am a part of your business. When my clients enjoy financial success and prosperity, it makes my role so enjoyable."

Peter enjoys being "a second set of eyes" to identify issues that may affect both your business and your ability to reach your life goals.

"Keeping up with technical changes is key to providing the most accurate and current advice to clients, and it enables me to assist other staff with the interpretation and application of the more complex taxation law matters.

"At the end of the day, the financial services industry is very much a 'people industry', & personal relationships are extremely important."

Matthew Moon

  • Trainee Planner

Having grown up in country NSW, and with a background in both the banking sector and private enterprise, Matthew has a broad understanding of the financial challenges and issues facing people from many walks of life and in a broad range of situations.

"When I left school I spent 15 years with one of the big four banks working my way up to being a Branch Manager and then transitioning to Wealth Management. I found it enormously rewarding being able to help people achieve their financial goals. I did enjoy working in the banking industry, but after 15 years and the onset of the GFC and the pressure to sell add on financial products to our customers which were not always the best fit for their needs it was time for a change.

At that stage I took a break from the financial services industry and started my own business in marketing and web development. This gave me another perspective of the challenges faced by small business every day. Having done some marketing work for Schuh Group, I was ultimately tempted to move back into financial services because I recognised that their ethics and integrity matched my own."

Matthew currently works as a Trainee Planner with Dominique meeting with clients, learning the planning role and administrative side of the business.

"It is wonderful to be able to really work with people again in this industry, but this time without being aligned to the products offered by the big 4 banks and being able to offer clients the best solutions to meet their goals".



Streamline your financial life and reduce your costs with Schuh Group accountants. Consider us your business, wealth and financial success platform. Our extensive experience means we can take care of every aspect of your accounting.



We take an holistic approach to assesses your overall financial position in the context of your goals. We will ensure you are able to not only meet your short term goals, but also investigate the best approach for your business in the long term.


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We help you plan for the future, from wealth accumulation, debt management & superannuation, through to self-managed Super & retirement & estate planning. Improve your tax effectiveness & create a financial road map to get you to where you want to be.