The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is predicting a very average QLD summer with up to eight cyclones predicted to potentially form off the coast. And even though they believe that only one or two may cross the coast, residents are being urged to prepare for more flooding, cyclones, and heavier rain than last summer. For many of our Agricultural clients, preparations will include insurances, cash-flow loans and potentially equipment and facility upgrades to ensure that their businesses are prepared and ready. The bureau recently released its 2016-17 Australian tropical cyclone outlook as part of RACQ Get Ready Week and with it they have predicted a 60 per cent chance Queensland would exceed the average number of cyclones.

"We're most likely to get anywhere between two and six cyclones in the Coral Sea and two cyclones in the Gulf of Carpentaria," says, Queensland director Bruce Gunn. "On average one in four cyclones that appear in the Coral Sea ends up crossing the coast, so there's a good chance that we will see that during this season."

Are you prepared for volatile forecasts - in weather and demand? 

Uncontrollable weather can have a significant impact on the bottom line of any business and now is the right time to prepare to "weather the potential storms." Businesses of all kinds can be affected by erratic weather, even if indirectly and the key is knowing how different aspects of your business may be affected so that you can PLAN accordingly:

1. Customers: What are your consumer's behaviors during certain weather conditions and/or times of the year. If we are looking at cyclone and flooding issues, think back to what happened in your business in the 2010/2011 summer and prepare accordingly.
2. Products: Demand aside, a number of products are subject to price fluctuations based on weather conditions. Agriculture is an obvious one as the weather has a direct effect on yield. Again reflect back to our last "wet summer" and look for trends and patterns in consumer behaviours so that you can be fully prepared to meet changing demand needs.
3. Property: Don't underestimate the destructive power of weather. Floods and water damage, fire and all the other ancillary hazards associated with weather are a major concern of business (as well as residential) property. Assessing risk and protecting property that can be affected by weather is as important as anything else. Is your business and its assets ready to withstand a weather crisis? Do you need to update anything now to protect you in uncertainty?
4. Movements in Prices: With shifting supply and demand issues, the cost of goods will shift too, meaning that business owners - especially suppliers - cannot guarantee their product will retain the same value, in turn, shifting forecasts and potentially reducing cash flow. It is important to ensure that regardless of movements in the market you have the resources needed to survive any fluctuations.

It is our job and dedication to ensure that your business has the support and tools it needs to succeed under any circumstance. With the prediction of strong and unruly weather this summer, we would like to offer all of our clients an obligation free assessment of their current position and needs to ensure they are ready no matter what happens this summer. We currently support clients in the following ways: 

1. Flexible lines of credit
2. Reduced banking costs
3. 6 monthly interest repayments
4. Low-interest machinery funding
Right now is the time to review your Christmas cash flow forecasts, and secure yourself so that you are protected against the unknown. The other advantage is that any commercial lending and machinery finance secured between now and the end of the year will allow business owners to take advantage of full refunds at the end of the October - December BAS quarter.

How we have helped someone like you:
The Schuh Group Finance team were recently contacted by a client seeking to gain themselves a better rate then they were receiving from their incumbent lender of some 20 plus years. After meeting with the client on their farm it became apparent the lender was holding two rural properties as security that was not required.
In addition to this, the client's interest rate was 1.5% above what we consider to be the current market rate. Unfortunately, we see this with many clients, where their lenders do not update their lending requirements in alignment with the market or share new opportunities. We are happy to report that we were able to secure our client an offer which will result in the release of security and the required reduction in interest rates providing them with opportunity and reduced fees.

If you would like to take advantage of an obligation-free independent review of your commercial, machinery, and cash flow needs please contact the office on 07 5482 2855 or contact David directly at or on 0400 224 615.