Financial planning is not just for the wealthy. It's never too early to start out on the right path if you are a person ready to start building their wealth. The tools provided in the financial planning process can help individuals build long-term wealth and protect their family's future along the way, ensuring financial security later in life or in the case of disability (or worse). The truth is, we do not know what life might present us with, so preparation is key to long-term security.

Below is a list of the easiest ways to begin on the investment path and start to get your money to work for you and not against you!

1. Superannuation money - Top-up your own retirement savings above what your employer contributes by making salary sacrifice payments. You receive a tax deduction for any money deposited. While you're still accumulating, your deposits grow with only 15% tax being paid, then when you retire, a tax favourable income stream can be used to fund your lifestyle.

2. Share portfolio based on index funds – Give your savings an injection by adding a portion of them into the share market by making use of a low cost index fund, or better yet, a number of index funds. Then once you've established your investment, continue to save into it on a regular basis. The long term growth and dividend payments will far outpace the savings in a bank account.

3. Life and disability insurance – This is the backup plan for your family if it all goes unexpectedly wrong. Use your superannuation to fund the premiums where beneficial.

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