TWENTY dollars won't get you too far these days. At best, a few cups of takeaway coffee, lunch (maybe),  or a single cocktail at a bar on the weekend. However, $20 goes a long way, for a long time, in your superannuation.

Projections by super industry group ASFA, show that salary sacrificing $20 a week into super can deliver a 20-year-old an extra $435,000 in retirement, or $87,000 in today's dollars. A 30-year-old can build an extra $198,000 ($55,000 in today's dollars), for a 40 year old it's $82,500 ($33,000) and a 50 year old gets $29,700 ($16,500). This is the power of compound interest over many years. There are also tax benefits of salary sacrificing into super!

If you would like us to show you what salary sacrificing $20 a week into your super looks like and forgoing those 4 or 5 takeaway coffees, then give Dominique a call on 07 5482 2885.