Recently we sent an email to all our clients because we had some cash to donate. We asked you directly who you thought was a worthy recipient of one of our $500 giveaways and after a flurry of responses and some shortlisting, we decided on two amazing charities. One of the recipients was Hope Reins - a local initiative that rescues and re-homes horses and then facilitates programs for individuals in need to build confidence, overcome emotional and physical struggles and heal.

This week Dominique Schuh visited the Hope Reins farm to present the amazing team with a cheque and see how the programs work. Below is a brief description of what Hope Reins offers, in their words.

"What We Do" 

"At Hope Reins, we rescue horses in need and offer them a safe and loving home.  But what we do goes much further than that … We also use our horses to work with people from all backgrounds and walks of life.  We facilitate that quiet, beautiful connection between horse and human, to help make our people (and our horses) feel whole again, as well as loved, connected, worthwhile and accepted.

People come to Hope Reins for all sorts of reasons. They may lack confidence or have a fear of horses; some are suffering stress or anxiety; others are battling with depression and/or thoughts of suicide; some are overcoming trauma, and some are dealing with self-harm.  Whatever the reason, they find the time and space to heal.

Most of our horses have stories of rescue or recovery. Whilst the size of our property means we can't responsibly accept all horses, we do try and help or refer people who have a horse for rehoming." 

Schuh Group is proud to be able to support the Hope Reins initiative. For more information on the farm and their programs visit