Markets have been having a pretty good run again this year with many major indices recording gains of 10-20% so far.
This is fantastic news if you're invested in those markets because the returns are much better than bank interest.

Despite those healthy returns, the reality is a rising tide doesn't lift all boats (even some of the harbour's most impressive boats).
There have still been many companies around the world under-performing against the market.

Computer giant IBM is one. Valued at around $200 billion, IBM has had a lacklustre year, down 6.5%, while it's benchmark, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up over 19%.
Caterpillar is another example of a large, well known company dragging against the Dow Jones, it is down over 10% this year.

Across the border in Canada, you can see the benefit of diversifying beyond just one country as the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) lags US markets with a 7.3% return for the year. The TSX is home to the world's largest gold miners, Goldcorp and Barrick Gold, who have both lost around 50% of their value this year and combined with oil companies, form part of the reason the TSX is lagging.

It is a similar story back here in Australia. Gold miner Newcrest has fallen 60% while it's benchmark the ASX 50 is up 15%. Other notable companies diverging from the index are Worley Parsons, down 8% (pre a 25% fall last week), Orica, down 7%, and Coca Cola down 8.5%.

This proves that a portfolio full of good looking companies in good times can still give bad looking returns. Real diversification comprises a variety of different funds full of hundreds of companies from Australia and around the world.

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