We have recently taken the decision to adopt an online client portal which will give our accounting clients safe access to their documents, online. This online document sharing platform will increase the security of your documents. Unfortunately, we live in an age in which a small number of people make it their business to intercept emails and steal information. For this reason, emailing documents unencrypted is not entirely secure and can put your information at risk.

To combat this, we are introducing a client portal that sends your documents to a secure website. You will have your own login details and will be able to see any documents we send you. You'll have access to them any time, and from any location. All you need is access to the internet (this can also be via a smartphone or tablet). This means that you won't need to search for old emails from us to find documentation or information. It will all be readily available through the portal. There is a search interface that will allow you to search based on document type, date sent and policy number/provider. Through the portal, you'll also be able to sign off on documents via the internet. This means no trips to the post office to send signed documentation back to us.

One click through the portal and you will have signed a document, with the signed copy automatically sent back to us. We want you to be confident that we are compliant with upcoming changes to data protection regulations, and that we remain at the forefront of technological advances designed to improve your peace of mind and ease of signature. The real benefit to you is security and speed of access along with becoming much less reliant on the slow and expensive services of Australia Post. This is the future of document sharing and we are pleased to be introducing this measure which will increase your security as well as your access to documentation. If you would like to use this facility or have any questions, we ask that you contact Sharon Parker of our office on 07 54804804 or via email at sharon.parker@schuhgroup.com.au, and she will assist you with the setup.