In all instances borrowers are able to save significantly through loan consolidation. Put simply, it is not in the interest of banks and lenders to advise customers of ways to save on interest and fees 
through loan consolidation, and trust us, they don't!

One of the simple ways for families to save significantly year in and year out is through establishing the correct residential loan to begin with. In today's market the majority of lenders offer different 
products all with options such as offset accounts, redraw facilities and credit cards. With the correct advice, the product which meets the needs of, and at no cost to the customer, can be met.

To provide an example of how effective this can be, recently we combined a client's debts using their residence as security and saved them in excess of $5000.00 per year on a loan of only $152,000.00 in total. The savings speak for themselves.

However, higher savings are available on commercial and rural clients' lendings. Of late, we have refinanced a client's commercial properties and business debts totalling $2.7 million, and saved them $30,000 per year in interest and fees. Conducting a business in today's climate, everyone understands the importance of $30,000 bottom line money!

Both of the examples above indicate savings can be made through loan consolidation by a reduction in interest rate, reduction in fees and the release of security unnecessarily held by the bank. 

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Your full financial situation would need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.