Most Australians will fund their retirement income from a combination of superannuation savings, other private savings and perhaps some Age Pension. Relying on your employer making superannuation guarantee (SG) contributions may not provide for enough income in retirement. Making additional, voluntary contributions to your superannuation is one way of improving your retirement savings and the amount of income you have to live on in retirement. 

Post-tax (Non-concessional) Contributions
Post-tax contributions are those made from salary or wages on which you've already paid tax. They can also be made from personal savings. Post-tax contributions aren't taxed when contributed to super. Contributions from your after-tax income don't get taxed when your fund receives them because you have already paid tax.

The Beauty of Compounding ...

Small amounts can grow a lot over time. Just an extra $10 a week over 30 years, for example, could grow to around $32,000.

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