Schuh Group | Wealth Advisers: Six Steps to Successful Investing Video Series

Six Steps to Successful Investing 1: Accept the Price

Every day we happily pay the market price for all sorts of goods and services. But many of us see the financial markets differently. We assume, for example, that shares are either undervalued or overvalued. We try to be clever and buy before prices rise and sell as they're about to fall. But academic research has consistently shown that markets are actually very efficient. It's all down to what statisticians call the wisdom of the crowd.

Six Steps to Successful Investing 2: Beware Market Gurus

Gympie Financial Planners Schuh Group explain that the problem with most financial commentators is they have a woeful record of success. Our video Beware of Market Gurus highlights the dangers of this ...

Six Steps to Successful Investing 3: Control Your Costs

The fund industry and the media like to make investing seem exciting. They typically focus on performance - the possibility of striking lucky and earning big returns. Truth is, there is no magic wand.

Six Steps to Successful Investing 4: Spread Your Risk

We're always amazed how many investors - even professional ones - neglect the conventional wisdom ... never put all your eggs in one basket ... despite it being seemingly common sense.

Six Steps to Successful Investing 5: Be Disciplined

We explain that, while there are good years and bad years for global markets ... in the long term it pays to stay invested in a diversified and disciplined portfolio.

Six Steps to Successful Investing 6: Stay Balanced

Schuh Group believes every investor needs to strike a balance between risk and return. We're all different. Some of us are more willing and able to take on risk than others. But once we arrive at the right investment mix to reach your goals it's important to stay on track.

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